Kosovo – illegal immigration

In Montenegro i ride on a very small mountinstreet to come to Kosovo. I just had my compass and so I knowed, that I shoud arrive it on that way. It was a reallz hard way to come up more than 30 km. Suddenly there were big rocks in the middle of the street. A normal car couldent pass them but my bike was sml enought to staz on the way. The street gets smaler and smaler. At last it was a smal way for trecking or stuff like that. An an way cross I saw a Map and wanne look how far Kosovo is. I saw thant I was rightnow in Kosovo. It was a little surprise because I don’t saw an boarder or something like that. The Problem was just, theat I don’t had an stamp in my passport and also that I don’t had an insurace for my moped because Kosovo don;t eccept mine. On taht way I was an illigal immigrand.
I thinkt about how to explain it the police if they stop me, but I don’t want to ask tham so I thinkt: „Fuck off!“ and goes my way.
Kosovo is a very poor contry you can see it on the houses and often also on the people but everyone was interested and helpfull to me. I liked this country but I also as a bit nervous because I read on the page of the german foreigt office, that there are more than 100.000 iligal wappens and also some mines. I saw the tracks of the weappons in the traffic signs. In every traffic sign were bullet holes. I leaft Kosovo over Prinzren. A horrobil city. I need more then 80 km and 3 hour to leav it. I was really openminded for the way, for me it was the same to go to south to west or to east but just don’t back to north. I was 5 times at the same traffic circle I don’t understand why but it ewas really hard to find the right way to come out. I leavd Kosovo to Albania.

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